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Our Mission

The Nash UNC Health Care Foundation serves as the fundraising arm of Nash UNC HealthCare to strengthen hospital services and improve the health of the community. Dollars raised by the Foundation are used to expand our community’s access to state-of-the-art medical services and high quality patient care, close to home. We fund initiatives that will expand services or programs to increase patient access and improve patient outcomes. Focus is also placed on addressing social barriers to health and improving the health of our patients beyond hospitalization.

Why Partner With Us?

The Partners in Philanthropy Program allows corporations to help Nash UNC Health Care Foundation fulfill its mission and vision with a single, annual commitment in support of two or more fundraising events. Nash UNC Health Care touches the lives of thousands of patients and community members each year throughout Nash County and the surrounding area. As a corporate philanthropy partner, your contribution will have a significant impact at Nash UNC and the entire community.

When you partner with the Foundation you will be provided with benefits such as onsite health education programs, meetings with Nash UNC Health Care Leadership, tickets to and recognition at Foundation events, invitations to exclusive Partners in Philanthropy events, and presentations to your company's leadership or employees on health related issues. Benefits are customizable depending on the level of giving and your goals. Partners in Philanthropy offers a new way for businesses to show their commitment to the Foundation while maximizing the companies' visibility in our community.

2022 Beneficiaries

Inpatient Food Pantry

The Inpatient Food Pantry ensures that qualifying patients have access to healthy meal options after leaving the hospital. Eligible patients receive food boxes at their time of discharge, customized to their disease or dietary need. Our hope is that patients will be able to heal at home without having to worry where their next meal is coming from. The Food Pantry opened in August of 2021 and continues to serves patients on a daily basis. Through donations, the Foundation was able to contribute$70,000 to start the Food Pantry. Additional funds will be used to to expand the reach of the food pantry for patients in our outpatient areas.

Community Paramedic

The Community Paramedic Program provides at-home care for high risk patients to reduce the likelihood of readmission. These ongoing wellness interventions empower patients to manage their health and minimize unnecessary ER visits. Thanks to our supporters, we funded two full time Community Paramedics and the purchase of a new fully integrated vehicle. Since the start of our partnership, many patients have successfully completed the program without being readmitted. Additional funds will be used to expand to four paramedics, purchase an additional vehicle and new equipment that will allow paramedics to perform additional bedside care to prevent returns to the ER.

Partners In Philanthropy Incentives

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Logo at events large large large large medium small

Logo on event collateral

large large large large medium small
Logo on website large large large large medium small
Link to company on website yes yes yes yes yes
Logo/Name on Wall of Honor logo logo logo logo logo name
Donor profile on website, social media, newsletter, etc. yes yes yes yes
Social Media Recognition yes yes yes yes yes yes
Recognition on Save the Dates & Invites front back back back
Invitation to exclusive donor events yes yes yes yes yes yes
Invitation to CEO Roundtable yes yes yes yes yes
Meeting with hospital leadership yes yes yes yes
Company Wellness
Health education programs yes yes yes yes yes
Wellness Screenings yes yes yes yes
Sunday Funday Tickets 18 18 12 12 6 4
VIP Basket 3 3 2 2 1 1
Blue Jeans & BBQ Tickets 20 reserved seats 16 reserved seats 12 reserved seats 8 reserved seats 4 reserved seats 4

**Execution of some benefits depends on print deadlines. Please return forms by March 1st to be included on Save the Dates**

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