Blue Jeans & BBQ

2022 Blue Jeans & BBQ

Date: TBD

Thank you all for such a successful event!

Thank you to our corporate & host sponsors, as well as, all attendees for your support of Blue Jeans & BBQ this year! We raised roughly $76,000 with your help and our community paramedics are all in place helping out patients in the community! To see the wonderful pictures captured by New Standard Photography click the button below!


About the Community Paramedic Program

This year, the money raised through Blue Jeans and BBQ will benefit the new Community Paramedic Program at Nash UNC Health Care. The Community Paramedic Program will work to increase access to primary and preventative care for patients who are at medium to high risk for readmissions. Community Paramedics (CP) will provide wellness interventions within the home to improve patient outcomes and decrease emergency department utilizations. Currently there is only one Community Paramedic covering three counties for Nash UNC. The current CP is able to do 25 visits a week. Unfortunately, the need is much higher for patient visits. Ideally we would like to reach 150 visits a week. The Foundation has committed to raising funds to bring the program from one full time Community Paramedic to three full time CPs. We will also provide funds for the purchase of an additional vehicle.

Nash UNC has already seen drops in readmission rates for the patients enrolled in this program. With the growth of the program we know that the impacts will be even greater. The Community Paramedic Program provides our most vulnerable patients the care and support they need to be able to heal in the comfort of their own home. It also provides the patient with the peace of mind that they have someone to help them with care coordination and understanding their discharge instructions. Unfortunately, without this program many of these patients would return to the hospital with in just a few days of discharge.

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